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today i ran a half marathon

12 weeks ago, when I could barely run 3 miles without wanting to die, I decided to train for a half marathon. 80+ training miles later, I embarked today on the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon and finished with a time of 2:31:02

This is after the longest winter EVER (or so it felt, we had 12 inches of snow barely 2 weeks ago), a bad twisted ankle that kept me off my feet for about a week, and, as I learned the hard way today, an at least relatively weak opposite knee, perhaps from favoring that leg during the injury.

I walked maybe 1.5 miles of the surprisingly hilly course (a fact that brought my pace from a halfway pace of 10:30 to a final pace of 11:40) because of said knee, but either way I am proud of what I did today. 

and San Francisco has one in February! trek number two? i’m sure it’s pretty flat.

Now here’s to hoping my knee and toe don’t kill meh.

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